LC-LC Fiber Patch Cable Cord Duplex MM 62.5/125 03M Orange

LC-LC Multimode

LC-LC, PC, Fiber Patch Cable, Duplex, Multi Mode. 62.5/125 Micron Fiber OM1, 1.8mm, PVC (OFNR Rated), Orange Jacket, 3 Meter, Specifically Designed for High Speed Gigabit Ethernet Applications.

Our extensive range of fiber patch cables are terminated with state-of-the-art connectors such as ST, SC, MTRJ, and LC types to meet your standard or custom configurations. fiber jumpers are available with PC, UPC, or APC polishing types. Our fiber optic assemblies have been geometrically inspected with interferometers and tested with automated insertion loss and reflection test equipment to ensure exceptional performance.

You can purchase this LC-LC (PC) Duplex MM 62.5/125 03M Fiber Patch Cord Jumper Cable Orange on Fiber Savvy’s website.

All the information you need on NEMA ratings

nema logo

If you are unsure of which NEMA rated enclosure is the best fit for your current set-up, Fiber Savvy has a comprehensive list of the 16 most common NEMA ratings given to enclosures used to protect your fiber splices and panels from various weather elements, such as dirt, high winds, rain, sleet, snow, splashing water, and hose directed water. For the complete list, be sure to view the NEMA ratings section of the Fiber Savvy glossary.

Fiber splice trays

fiber splice trays

Fiber splice trays are used in patch panels and wall mount cabinets and are designed to safely route and store optical fiber and associated splices. All of the Fiber Savvy splice trays are universal to the industry. The splice trays provide protection and organization of fiber splices.

New media converters available!

new media converters

We have added over 30 new media converters to our online store, including L2 managed switches, web smart switches, and unmanaged switches. At Fiber Savvy, we are always adding new items and keeping our online store up to date with the most current products. If you don’t see a particular item you are looking for, give us a call at 951-801-5780 and we will be happy to work with you to see if we can get that product in your hands at a low price.

All of the tools and accessories for your fiber optic needs

Fiber Tools and Accessories

There are an abundance of tools and accessories for fiber optic cable equipment and Fiber Savvyis here to offer them to you at unbeatable prices. We offer a wide variety of products to be used with fiber optic cable equipment such as lint free kim wipes (used to provide gentle wet or dry cleaning and polishing), slitting and ringing tools ( used to cut around and horizontally slit the jacket of a fiber cable to help remove the jacket from the fiber), MultiQuick splitting kits (provides mid-entry access to buffer tube cables), and all of the fiber cable testers you could ever want.

Adapt to new technology with fiber adapter panels

adapter panels

If you’re looking for a way to build a custom fiber set-up, you’re going to want some fiber adapter panels. These panels are made to fit into any of Fiber Savvy’s fiber wall mount cabinets and fiber patch panels (pending they are not already preloaded). The adapter panels are offered with LC, SC, ST or MTRJ connectors, in singlemode, multimode or 10GB options and in three different arrangements: simplex (one single connector per grouping), duplex (two connectors per group) or quad (four connectors per group). This means a multimode duplex adapter panel with 6 LC connectors, has 12 connections total, a singlemode simplex adapter panel with 6 SC connectors has 6 connectors total and a multimode quad adapter panel with 6 LC connectors has 24 connections total. If you don’t need all of the ports the wall mount cabinet or patch panel offers, you can close the space with a blank adapter panel which has no connectors.

Fiber Cable Equipment Made in the USA!

fiber products made in the usa

Fiber Savvy is proud to offer products that are made exclusively in the USA. We know that having a reliable product is important to our customers, which is why we do our best to carry the highest quality products without sacrificing unbeatable pricing. Our Made in the USA line includes: fiber adapter panels, hook and loop cable ties (comparable to ties using a quick attach and release technology that starts with a “V”), some of our fiber management line, fiber patch panels, cassette modules, fiber splice trays, and fiber wall mount cabinets.

Fiber Savvy on eBay

Fiber Savvy on eBay

Looking for great deals on today’s leading fiber optic cable equipment? Fiber Savvy offers over 60 of its products on eBay, all at unbeatable prices: fiber patch cords, wall mount cabinets, and fiber adapter panels just to name a few. If you’re looking to purchase new fiber optic cable products at low prices, head on over to eBay to see all that Fiber Savvy has to offer.

Media converters are a great solution to switch from copper to fiber

Media Converters

We know you’ve been thinking about updating your copper cable setup to a faster fiber optic cable network. Media converters are a great way to get the job done. You can run your existing copper wire into a converter, such as our 1000Base SX/LX/LH media converter with LC/RJ45 connectors that supports both singlemode and multimode fiber, and run your fiber back out the other end of the converter to your fiber products. We have two Mini GBIC modules that are required for this particular converter to function properly: SFP Transceiver, Multimode, 550M 1000BASE-SX, LC Connector, Cisco Compatible and SFP Transceiver, Single Mode, 10KM 1000BASE-LX, LC Connector, Cisco Compatible. This will not give you the highest capabilities of the fiber cable, but it will boost your signal. In order to get the most out of your fiber cable, you’ll need to use fiber the whole way to help minimize the dbl (data byte loss).

A great way to organize cables

Fiber Cable Wrap

Fiber cables can turn into a real mess, not to mention a safety hazard, if they are not properly organized. Hook and loop cable ties can help you keep those cables out of your way, whether you mount them to the wall or just need a way to hold them all in place. All of Fiber Savvy’s hook and loop fiber cable ties are made with soft hold technology so they will not cut into the cable jacket or damage the cable in any way. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes to fit just about any application you would need them for.

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