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Questions about fiber optic cable?

Fiber Glossary

Don’t know exactly what a plenum rated cable is used for? Not sure what the difference between single mode fiber and multi mode fiber is? Always wondered what RoHS stands for? We have the answers for you! Be sure to visit our new and improved fiber glossary page to have all of your questions answered in one convenient place.

How fiber optic cable works

Fiber Overview

Ever wanted to learn how exactly information is passed through a fiber optic cable? Why is fiber able to transmit data quicker than its copper predecessors? What is that soft yellow material inside of the outer jack of the fiber cable made of? Fiber Savvy has taken the time to answer these and many other questions for you on our Fiber Overview page so be sure to read up and gain a thorough understanding of what is happening inside those fiber cables every time data is passed through its glass core.

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