Fiber Stripper, 2.0mm-3.0mm Outer Jacket, 900/125um & 250/125um Fiber

Fiber Stripper, 2.0mm-3.0mm Outer Jacket, 900/125um & 250/125um Fiber

The new multi-function fiber optic stripper from provides you with five settings for stripping fiber optic cable. This fiber optic stripper enables you to remove the outer jackets from 2.0-2.4mm fiber, 2.8-3.0mm fiber and 2.0-3.0mm loose tube buffer tubes.

This versatile fiber optic stripper also removes 900µm buffer from loose buffer without removing the acrylate coating. You can also use this fiber optic stripping tool to remove buffer and acrylate from 900/125µm and 250/125µm fiber. The Fiber Optic Stripper is factory set and calibrated, ensuring precise strips.

This fiber optic stripper has many ergonomic features to make your stripping process easier and more efficient. These include a body design that prevents awkward wrist bend, and comfortable cushioned grips. A locking mechanism keeps the handles and blades safely closed when not in operation.


  • Five Stripping Functions in One Tool
  • Strips Outer Jackets from 2.0-2.4mm Fiber, 2.8-3.0mm Fiber and 2.0-3.0mm Loose Tube Buffer Tubes
  • Removes 900µm Buffer from Loose Buffer Without Removing the Acrylate Coating
  • Strips Buffer and Acrylate from 900/125µm and 250/125µm Fiber
  • Factory Set and Calibrated
  • Cushioned, Locking Handles

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