12 Single Fusion Splice Capacity 0.5″x6.5″x5.13″ Splice Tray

12 single fusion splice tray

The FiberSavvy.com FB25-3995STP12 Optical Fiber Splice Tray is designed to safely route and store optical fiber and associated splices. The tray is fully compliant to industry specification Telecordia GR-769, Splice Organizer Assemblies for Optical Fibers. The FB25-3995STP12 splice tray is designed to be installed into various Splice enclosures, as well as Wall and Rack mount Patch & Splice enclosures. The tray is one in a family of units that support fiber splicing. 0.5″x6.5″x5.13″. This product is made in the USA.


  • 12 Single fusion splice capacity
  • Telecordia GR-769 Compliant

Physical Properties

Color Blue base with clear cover
Material Plastic
Storage 12 Splices


Depth 0.5 in
Length 6.5 in
Width 5.13 in

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