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12 Port Loaded SC Simplex, Wallmount, Black

12 port SC loaded wall mount

Preloaded with SC Connectors 12 Simplex SC Adapters

This FB11-2839-12C/WL Wall Mount Fiber Enclosures are designed to provide optimal protection for your fiber optic applications. The enclosures come in a double steel door design with an integrated key lock latching system. Each enclosure includes 2 cable routing spools and 2 splice trays.  Included with the enclosures are zip ties, cable routing clamps, mounting screws, fiber splice sleeves and installation instructions.  Attractive black textured finish.

To purchase this 12 Port Loaded SC Simplex, Wallmount, Black visit Fiber Savvy’s website.

6 Fiber 10GB Distribution Cable Corning Glass MM 50/125 Indoor Plenum

6 Fiber 10GB Distribution Cable Distribution Cables are designed for indoor plenum applications. A thick durable jacket offers excellent strength and protection during installations and restorations. Corning laser optimized optical fibers are standard and the specific fiber utilized is clearly marked on the jacket imprint ensuring product quality and fiber compatibility for future system upgrades.

Our Distribution Cable is available in 12 TIA standard colors or special order colors. UL Listed OFNP cables are available, and unlisted, unrated cables can be supplied to accommodate special needs. Standard surface print denotes construction, NEC rating, and fiber type, and includes footage markers.


  • 900 um Tight Buffers
  • Aramid Yarn Strength Members.
  • Durable OFNP Plenum Jacket.
  • Use of corning optical fibers.
  • Jacket imprint ensures product quality and fiber compatibility.
  • Buffers strip consistently, helpful for onsite termination.
  • Durable jacket offers added protection during installation and in rugged use applications.
The full list of this 6 Fiber 10GB Distribution Corning Glass MM 50/125 Indoor Plenum Cable specifications can be found on Fiber Savvy’s website.

LC-LC Fiber Patch Cable Cord Duplex MM 62.5/125 03M Orange

LC-LC Multimode

LC-LC, PC, Fiber Patch Cable, Duplex, Multi Mode. 62.5/125 Micron Fiber OM1, 1.8mm, PVC (OFNR Rated), Orange Jacket, 3 Meter, Specifically Designed for High Speed Gigabit Ethernet Applications.

Our extensive range of fiber patch cables are terminated with state-of-the-art connectors such as ST, SC, MTRJ, and LC types to meet your standard or custom configurations. fiber jumpers are available with PC, UPC, or APC polishing types. Our fiber optic assemblies have been geometrically inspected with interferometers and tested with automated insertion loss and reflection test equipment to ensure exceptional performance.

You can purchase this LC-LC (PC) Duplex MM 62.5/125 03M Fiber Patch Cord Jumper Cable Orange on Fiber Savvy’s website.

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