Adapt to new technology with fiber adapter panels

adapter panels

If you’re looking for a way to build a custom fiber set-up, you’re going to want some fiber adapter panels. These panels are made to fit into any of Fiber Savvy’s fiber wall mount cabinets and fiber patch panels (pending they are not already preloaded). The adapter panels are offered with LC, SC, ST or MTRJ connectors, in singlemode, multimode or 10GB options and in three different arrangements: simplex (one single connector per grouping), duplex (two connectors per group) or quad (four connectors per group). This means a multimode duplex adapter panel with 6 LC connectors, has 12 connections total, a singlemode simplex adapter panel with 6 SC connectors has 6 connectors total and a multimode quad adapter panel with 6 LC connectors has 24 connections total. If you don’t need all of the ports the wall mount cabinet or patch panel offers, you can close the space with a blank adapter panel which has no connectors.

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