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Change your fiber connections quickly with fiber patch panels

Fiber Patch Panels

Fiber patch panels, also called fiber patch bays, make it easier to connect different devices in different orders for different projects, because all of the changes can be made at the patch panel. Fiber Savvy’s patch panels feature 12 or 24 ports and are available with either SC or ST connectors. We offer rack mounted units that easily mount on standard 19″ racks, as well as wallmount units that feature built-in cable management. These fiber patch panels are compatible with all of the fiber patch cables with the same connector types.

Fiber patch cables

Fiber Patch Cables

Fiber patch cables (also called fiber jumper cables or fiber patch cords) are used to connect one optical device to another, sometimes with two different connection types. There are 4 connector types: LC, SC, ST and MTRJ which can be arranged in any configuration to suit your connection needs. Patch cords also come in single mode (9/125), multimode (50/125 & 62.5/125) and 10 gigabit (50/125) options and anywhere from 1 meter in length to 15 meters. Longer jumper cables can be made, but they are typically shorter than 10 meters.

How fiber optic cable works

Fiber Overview

Ever wanted to learn how exactly information is passed through a fiber optic cable? Why is fiber able to transmit data quicker than its copper predecessors? What is that soft yellow material inside of the outer jack of the fiber cable made of? Fiber Savvy has taken the time to answer these and many other questions for you on our Fiber Overview page so be sure to read up and gain a thorough understanding of what is happening inside those fiber cables every time data is passed through its glass core.

Custom fiber cables are always an option

Custom Fiber Cables

If you ever have a job that requires fiber cables or anything else fiber related and are unable to find the products on Fiber Savvy, don’t get discouraged. Instead, give us a call or shoot us an email because chances are, we can find what you’re looking for or even make it custom. So the next time you are bidding that big fiber cable job, remember to contact Fiber Savvy to get all of the tools and products you need.

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